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Kopper by chibialvin Kopper :iconchibialvin:chibialvin 1 2
Splinter – their father and sensei – was gone.
The four turtles lay their beloved father on his bed, covering him with a white sheet. Until they could have a proper funeral, he’d remain in his own bed. For now, they sat around him, mourning their loss.
Alvin hadn’t understood at first what had happened to their father. He’d gently shaken his daddy’s shoulder, trying to wake him up. It had taken a while before he finally realized the horrible truth. While his brothers had carried their father into the van, Alvin had simply sobbed into April’s shoulder, who did her best to comfort him, despite her own despair.
Once they’d gotten home, Alvin had climbed onto the couch and curled into a small ball. He hadn’t moved or spoken since. April had spent the last few hours trying to comfort the young chipmunk without any success. The child hadn’t responded.
Casey came out of the kitchen with some water. “Anything?”
:iconchibialvin:chibialvin 1 0
Kopper by chibialvin Kopper :iconchibialvin:chibialvin 3 13 Bullied cover (WIP) by chibialvin Bullied cover (WIP) :iconchibialvin:chibialvin 3 29
Bullied (WIP)
“Coming!” the young Chipmunk called, grabbing his backpack and hurrying down the stairs, nearly tripping halfway down before catching himself.
By the time he reached the door, his father was already getting impatient. “Alvin, I’ve been calling you for five minutes! You’re going to be late for school!”
Maybe he shouldn’t have hurried. “Oops.”
Sighing, Dave ushered his son into the car, where his brothers were already waiting. “Honestly, Alvin, we’ve gone over this.”
“I know,” Alvin shrugged, buckling himself up.
Simon glanced at his brother. “So…what were you doing this time?”
Blushing a little, Alvin gave a nervous laugh. “I was, uh…finishing my homework.”
His brother let out a long groan. “Why don’t you just do it after school like everyone else?”
“Because after being in school for seven hours, I don’t wanna spen
:iconchibialvin:chibialvin 12 27
Hamato Alvin by chibialvin Hamato Alvin :iconchibialvin:chibialvin 3 18 Merry Christmas!!! by chibialvin Merry Christmas!!! :iconchibialvin:chibialvin 6 188 Happy Thanksgiving!!! by chibialvin Happy Thanksgiving!!! :iconchibialvin:chibialvin 4 121 Happy Halloween!!! by chibialvin Happy Halloween!!! :iconchibialvin:chibialvin 9 4,183 Kopper - 4/26/2004 by chibialvin Kopper - 4/26/2004 :iconchibialvin:chibialvin 4 30 Kopper - 10/4/2016 by chibialvin Kopper - 10/4/2016 :iconchibialvin:chibialvin 4 22 Happy Birthday, EstivalEquinox!!! by chibialvin Happy Birthday, EstivalEquinox!!! :iconchibialvin:chibialvin 4 30
Orphan in the Snow part 29
"PWUSHE!!!" Alvin sobbed, reaching for his only toy. His father stepped hard on his tail, keeping the toddler from running to rescue it. "NO HURT PWUSHE!!!"
"Shut up, you rat!" his father shouted, pushing harder on Alvin's tail. Alvin cried out in pain. Why were they doing this? He just wanted his plushie back. They had already shoved him in a dark place after shoving something into his mouth, and when they pulled him out, they had started screaming at him, saying he wasn't supposed to have toys and he'd have to be punished.
"Say goodbye, freak." his mother sneered, throwing Alvin's only toy into the flames of the fireplace.
"NOOO!!!" Alvin screamed, tears pouring down his furry face. "PWUSHE!!!" He didn't hear the door fly open or notice his father lift his foot. All he knew was that he had to save Plushie. He quickly ran to the flames and, not noticing the heat, ran in and scooped his toy into his arms. "Pwushe..."
"ALVIN!!!" Two arms pulled him out of the fireplace faster than Alvin
:iconchibialvin:chibialvin 1 4
Happy Birthday Merrick 2013 by chibialvin Happy Birthday Merrick 2013 :iconchibialvin:chibialvin 3 6
Secret of the Emeralds epilogue
"So, ya got all seven now?" Alvin asked.
Knuckles nodded as Alvin and Tails looked at the group of Emeralds. "Took long enough."
"Yeah, two years." Sonic spoke up.
Merrick shook his head. "Who knew that last one ended up in the ocean?"
Knuckles groaned then turned back towards where Alvin and Tails had been and noticed there was one less Emerald and one less kid. "He took the red one again."
Sonic smirked. "He's getting good at that." Then he saw Tails also wander off, probably following Alvin. They had gotten close enough they had formed a kind of bond.
Sure enough, they found the 8-year-old chipmunk standing in front of a giant green Emerald.
"Get out of there!" Knuckles groaned as the young chipmunk noticed they were there. When Alvin relucently obeyed he snatched the red Chaos Emerald out of the kid's hands, receiving a pout. "What are you doing here?"
Alvin shrugged.
"Come on, Knuckles." Sonic laughed. "You should've known that if he ended up on Angel Island, he would've found the
:iconchibialvin:chibialvin 0 0
Hamato Alvin WIP by chibialvin Hamato Alvin WIP :iconchibialvin:chibialvin 6 51

Random Favourites

RGHee036 Eugene and the Captain of the Guard
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 036
~ Eugene and the Captain of the Guard
The Captain of the Palace Guard, Charles Forester, had finally gotten back to the palace. He knew he had missed some big announcement yesterday, and it must have been a very big deal as the people were still dancing in the streets; that had been very odd. He'd go to his office right after reporting to the King to catch up.
Escorting the Stabbington brothers had been a lot of fun, he smirked. It had even cleared up his headache. He was feeling pretty good today.
He was walking down the cream colored corridor to the King's study, his mud splattered boots thudding on smooth marble tile, much as he enjoyed being Captain of the Guard; being out in the forest was more fun, and now he had to report to the King as quickly as possible, he didn't want to let down his king.
There was a lot going on right now, and he desperately wanted to find Rider. He had been in the palace, again! Hiding behind a false p
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 5 11
RGHee035 The King And Eugene Talk
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 035
~ The King and Eugene have a Talk
The King asked Eugene to come with him and they went into his study. They needed to talk.
The celebration was starting it's second day, after breakfast Rapunzel and the Queen went off with the dressmakers so they could be fitted for the coronation gowns that were being prepared, when Rapunzel would be officially made Crown Princess of Corona.
"So Eugene what are we going to do with you?" asked the King as he sat down behind the dark wooden desk that dominated the room. The King wasn't wearing his crown but the back of his chair rose above his head and being topped with the sun it looked like he was still wearing a crown to Eugene.
Eugene knew a talk was coming with the King, the first night in the Green bedroom had been fitful, even though he was exhausted and he hadn't slept the night before in the prison worried for Rapunzel.
Eugene had sweated a lot while they had been in the Testing Chamber. He
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 4 16
RGHee034 Eugene is Orphaned
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 034
~ Eugene Fitzherbert is Orphaned
"It's gonna be okay, Henry," said little Eugene Fitzherbert seriously to his small, shabby, brown teddy bear.
"Daddy's gonna get better. Everything's gonna be fine. We're gonna be alright." The tears dripped down his cheeks even as he tried to be brave. Daddy said those words a lot.
He didn't like how the doctor was acting. It didn't seem right. Like he had given up.
Miss. Annie from next door was looking so pale in her red dress, almost the color of her curly white hair. He liked her; she would watch him sometimes when mommy and daddy were busy. They worked really hard, but it never seemed to make a difference to daddy. He would be so sad, so often.
Mommy helped so much and he went with her all the time, at least, until she went away when there was still snow on the ground. The fire was too hot, they said, but fire is hot, he knew that because he had burned himself on it. She was making stew and the
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 7 12
RGHee033 Gothel Freaks Out
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 033
~ Young Rapunzel Takes Her Painting To The Next Level
Gothel enjoyed being young very much, being able to move easily, to hear her warm throaty voice, but there was one part of being a young woman again that was annoying, that the hair couldn't cure; that it caused actually, and she was suffering through the cramps with less then good grace today.
Gothel did appreciate the many little paintings that Rapunzel had made on the bathroom walls, it made the time go easier as she thought of stories that might go with them. They distracted her from the pain.
Teaching Rapunzel to read had been a risk, but she was asking so many questions and needed so many activities, she had finally taught her, just to get some respite from all the questions, questions, questions.
Rapunzel had taken hold of the stories and painted little scenes everywhere. Now she was working on a mural that spanned the whole lower level of the tower.
Gothel had let Rapunze
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 5 24
RGHee032 Dancing and Naptime
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 032
~ Dancing and Nap Time
Lock Captain Vince Taygon was looking over the crowd in front of the palace.
The people of the kingdom were very happy to meet the Princess; who was talking to a group of four little girls in braids and identical dresses. Their parents were nearby and many others were milling around hoping to spend some time with her. They had 6 of the Lock Guard near the royal family, and a couple of squads of palace guards in the square, that should do well enough.
He had been concerned about letting her into the crowds, not so much that there was danger but since she had been stuck in a tower for 18 years with only one other person and a chameleon; she might be afraid of all the people.
However, she had been surprisingly adept at dealing with all the people she was meeting now. There were hundreds in this square alone and she was trying to meet each one. The royal couple was doing the same. The king too, looked so much bett
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 7 12
RGHee031 The Jubilee Announcement
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 031
~ The Jubilee Announcement
"My people," the King of Corona boomed from the plaza balcony, the square again filled with people, more people then ever before. The proclamation hadn't stated what this was about, but the king knew that rumors had spread long before the proclamation was written.
"I want to thank you first of all for all the years of love, faith and hope you have given us all these long years. Two days ago all of us launched the sky lanterns to signal hope for the return of the Lost Princess, to call her home to our loving arms. They worked! Meet your princess. Princess Rapunzel!"
Rapunzel stepped forward flanked by the Queen and Eugene. There arose a mighty cheer, but underneath there was a buzz of talk.
"I know, I know, that is not the name we gave her, but that is the name she was raised with and it is the name she will be known by."
"Now I wish to honor her rescuers, Eugene Fitzherbert!" There was another cheer, but t
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 5 36
RGHee030 Meeting the Bankers
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 030
~ Meeting the Bankers
King Leonard turned to his not so little girl, the Princess Rapunzel, after finishing some strawberry jam toast. "We are going to meet the bankers before the Jubilee. They are going to be hardest hit by what is about to happen, so they are getting some warning and meeting the reason for it."
"What are bankers?" asked Rapunzel, feeling so dumb. From what her papa had said so far the Jubilee sounded so nice and good, but she wasn't even sure where to start asking questions about all the things she didn't understand.
"They lend money to people who promise to pay them back later with interest."
"Um, what is money?" shyly, Rapunzel knew this was a dumb question, but she thought she needed to know.
"Money is a neutral form of exchange for goods and services," chimed in Eugene.
"It's gold, silver and copper in this kingdom. Nicely portable," Flynn smiled broadly.
The seneschal pulled some out of his pocket. "You never
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 5 12
RGHee029 Rapunzel and the Menarche
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 029
~ Rapunzel and the Menarche
Twelve-and-a-half-year-old Rapunzel was sitting on her beautiful bed with the curved posts and pretty pink canopy and she was terrified.
The bed curtains were pulled closed, and she was under her covers whispering her special song, her glowing hair wrapped around her middle, trying to hide it from Mother. She was bleeding and hurting she didn't know why and her special gift wasn't fixing it. Pascal was in front of her lit up by the gold, glowing hair, in a concerned purple.
She was scared, because her hair always healed things before. It wasn't like trying to heal an emotion, she was bleeding and it wasn't stopping, her hair is supposed to be able to fix this.
But what was worse, was that Mother would Punish her if she hurt herself. Mother had many punishments, just yesterday she had had to sit quietly on her stool, for an hour, with her eyes closed, in the middle of the room, because she had talked back
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 6 10
RGH028 First Day Home
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 028
~ First Day Home
"no, No, NOOOO!" Came the screams from Rapunzel's room near dawn.
Swords out, the six guards burst into the room; the doors crashing open, eyes scanning the room for threats. The Lock Maid Margaret rushed straight to the princess, who was thrashing about in the bed.
Quickly determining that there was nothing threatening her in the bed, Margaret gripped the sleeping princess and shook her, "M'lady. Princess. Princess Rapunzel! You are home! You are safe!"
"Wa, wa, wa" Rapunzel's eyes flew open, filled with fear, looking wildly around the unfamiliar room and strange people with swords, she was pulling away; burrowing backwards into her fish embroidered pillows just as the king and queen came rushing in.
"Are you okay? I'm here for you, mama's here, papa's here." the queen said as she slid next to the bed, gripping her daughter's shoulders, as the chambermaid moved quickly and quietly aside. Rapunzel found the eyes tha
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 6 4
RGHee027 An Amazing Day
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 027
~ An Amazing Day
The King and Queen were finally lying in the royal bed together and the King was thinking about what an amazing day it had been.
Their daughter, his little girl, was finally home and sleeping like an angel, he had checked when he got back from the prison, just beyond the wall. He could barely believe it.
This morning had been the worst morning ever. He had given up hope yesterday of his daughter ever coming home, he had gone out to launch the lantern, but there was no hope left within him. He was just going through the motions, for his wife's sake.
Half of her memory had been stolen, the Crown of the Lost Princess, just the day before. The pain of that had just fed the fire of his hate toward the Kidnapper, but it had left him with nothing, not even anger toward the guards.
He had only waved them off as he stood before the empty pedestal, the Captain had sworn to do everything they could to bring it back, but it wou
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 6 9
RGHee026 The King and the Stabbington Brothers
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 026
~ The King and the Stabbington Brothers
After making his goodbyes with HookHand, the King and his entourage, including the Lock Captain and the Captain of the Guard, who had just joined them with extra guards, moved deeper into the prison.
The plan for tomorrow was a good one but there was one snag that needed to be dealt with before then. He needed to make sure that his daughter was going to be safe and there were those who needed to be dealt with.
He stopped in front of the Stabbington Brothers.
After a breath he commanded, "Wake them."
The guards glanced at their king. The tone of his voice was such that none there had ever heard before. It was filled with contempt for the brothers in the cell.
The guards had been wondering what was going on. They had been feeling a bit casual after the time with HookHand. The crossbowmen had thought it odd that the king had ordered broadhead quarrels after they had come to this part of the priso
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 6 49
RHGee025 The King Visits The Prison
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 025
~ The King Visits the Prison
King Leonard entered the prison. He didn't have to come here very often, but this was something he wanted, no, needed to take care of himself.
He was so excited to have his daughter home that he wasn't sure that he could sleep anyway. He felt so different now that she was home. He'd get a few crucial things done now while she slept, so they could have more time together in the morning.
It was going to be busy and he ached to spend as much time with her as possible.
Prisons were designed to be hard, brooding places. People could and would do terrible things to each other and while he tried to be fair, just and merciful, some people needed punishment to get the point. A very few couldn't seem to ever get the point at all. Still they tried to keep it clean and afford them some dignity, but it still smelled like a prison.
He had two things to do here tonight, he looked forward to both of them, but in very di
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 5 6
RGHee024 The King Checks On Maximus
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 024
~ The King Checks on Maximus
The King walked into the Stable of the Palace Guard. The smell of hay, horse and muck swept over him.
In the summertime it was enough to make a shark retch, but the King liked it, it smelled like an adventure ready to begin. Most of his had started in a stable, like when he met his bride, and that always lent a certain excitement to coming to the stables.
Looking around in the torchlight, King Leonard realized that he didn't know which of the many stalls was Maximus'. Just then a groom came out of one the nearby stalls. He looked about to say something harsh when he realized it was his King.
Swallowing what he was going to say, he stammered out, "H-how may I help you, sire?"
"I have need to see Maximus. He was involved with some rather important matters and I need to make sure that they really happened."
"Well, sire, he's the smartest horse in the kingdom and he'll be able to tell you what you want to kn
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 5 8
RGHee023The Privy Council Learns Princess
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 023
~ The Privy Council Learns of the Princess
They met, as they typically did, in the Map Room. Leaders all loved maps, it gave them the idea that things were organized if you knew where everything was.
Already sitting in their ornate chairs, decorated in the sun and fish symbols of this naval power, were the Captain of the Palace Guard, whose head bandaged and who was looking grumpy, had dragged himself out of the infirmary to come to this meeting, the Admiral of the Navy and the Commander of the Merchant Marine, and the Captain of the Army.
There were also some of the civilian leadership; the Palace Headwoman, who ran the palace as the seneschal did the rest of the kingdom, both of which had extensive intelligence networks. And the Chancellor of the Exchequer, he was a thin, gray haired man who spent a lot of time near the vaults, and had strong contacts inside the governments of most countries they've had contact with. There were em
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 5 4
RGHee022 The Lock Captain's Plan
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 022
~ The Lock Captain's Plan
The Lock Captain pulled out the worst-case scenario from the locked secret files.
He had finished cleaning up after the Princess's Birthday celebration of the day before. They were so hard, it reminded them of their worst failure; they had failed to protect the Princess the day she was kidnapped.
It didn't really matter to Captain Vince Taygon that they had been just been created the day she was born, nor did it matter that he had been in this very office compiling a list of names of possible guard candidates at the time.
He should have been there!
The failure still stung after all these years and he and the rest of the Lock Guard were determined not to let that happen again if they ever have another chance.
He settled his two white criss-crossed sashes and put his red fez on his desk. Now it was time to start updating the contingency files. They had studied hard and had made so many plans; so the changes w
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 6 9
RGHee021 Maximus Saves the Day
~ Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)
~ Chapter 021
~ Maximus Saves the Day
Note: A short interstitial about how Maximus was able to get the Pub Thugs to break Flynn out of prison.
Maximus, was sitting on the dock, waiting for the wonderful blonde girl and Flynn Rider to come back. He was a good horse and had left a few apples since Flynn Rider had said he had bought most of them. That was mean, he didn't know which ones had been stolen.
When he saw the guards take Flynn Rider away. Flynn kept calling Rapunzel's name. She must be in worse trouble then he was, and he was being taken to prison.
That's a bad sign.
Maximus ran through town and over the bridge to where he thought Flynn was looking. Maximus snuffled around and found two large men out cold on the beach. He could smell Flynn and Rapunzel and Pascal. There was someone else too, someone new, someone that smelled strange.
This was a big problem.
He followed the scent trail but it got lost crossing a stream. He went back and fou
:iconbalunstormhands:BalunStormhands 6 2


I just looked through our gallery of pictures of Kopper...I miss him so much.
I pray he's happy up in Heaven...and that we'll meet again.
He owes me a lot of doggie kisses - and I bet he's just waiting to give 'em. (Honestly, I bet everyone up there has already been introduced to him...I picture him giving EVERYONE a hello kiss.)
I missed my DA anniversary again! ^^; Every single year...
it's been over six months since Kopper went to see Jesus...
Not even 3 hours into April Fool's day...and my brother already pulled the 'water faucet spray' trick...with tape.
Tomorrow's Kopper's birthday...he would have been 13.


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United States
Once again, my favorite songs from "Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein"!

"If A Monster Came In My Room"

But if a monster came in the room tonight
What would we do? What could we do?
If he tried to make your hair turn white with fright
What would you do? If it was you?

I'd drown him with my soaker gun,
Glue him to a chair,
Put a dead skunk in his pocket
I'd knock him off his feet
with a Judo sweep
Blast him into space on a rocket
I'd send him to his doom
If a monster came in my room

Spoken (Alvin):
Yo Zipper Face, you wanna piece of me?
Y'all ready to rumble?
Bring it on brother

But if a monster sat of the edge of the bed
What would you do? What could you do?

With a zipper in his neck
And bolts in his head

If it were me? Well, let me see
I'd multiply pie by his height and his weight
to determine mathematically
The way to alter his molecular state
And shrink him to the size of a flea
I'd fill him full of dread
If a monster sat on my bed

Ain't no monster gonna put us down
Uh uh. No way.
We'll chase his face right out of town
That’s what we say
Ain't no monster gonna put us down
Uh huh. That's right.
‘Cause we're the meanest munks around
We're tight!

Spoken (Dave):
Simon, Theodore, Alvin!
Go to sleep!

Oh-kay! *slams door*
I am the mont-inator (tor, tor, tor)
If a monster came in and decided to stay

That wouldn't be very nice
We could ask him politely to go away

Are we munks? Or are we mice?
I'll stick him in the ribs with my pirate sword
Shoot silly string at his head

I'll use my blanket like a madador

I'll just hide under my bed

Alvin & Simon:

We'll make him face his doom
If a monster comes in our room
We'll send him to his doom
If a monster comes in our room
We'll blow him up, KABOOM!

Spoken (Dave):
I thought I told you boys to go to sleep!

All: *quietly*
If a monster comes in our room
We'll send him to his doom
If a monster comes in our room
We'll blow him up –

Theo: *shouts*

Alvin & Simon: *clap hands over Theodore'’s mouth*
If a monster comes in our room


"Things Out There"

You're all alone in the middle of the night
Something moves in the cold moonlight
You're trying not to scream but you gotta let it out
And it makes you wanna, you wanna, you wanna shout

There's things out there
Sneaking up behind you
Things out there
That'll chill you to the bone
Those things out there
You know they're gonna find you
No matter where you go, you know
There's things out there

Running through the graveyard, bumping into trees
Something reaches out and pulls you to your knees
Trying to get away, you don't know if you can
And you're staring at the, at the old wolfman

There's things out there
Sneaking up behind you
Things out there
Don't go out alone
Those things out there
You know they're gonna find you
No matter where you go, you know
There's things out there

Things that'll chase you
Things that'll eat you
Things that'll jump out and say they're glad to meet you
Vampires, witches, goblins, and ghosts
But you know the ones that scare you the most

Are those things out there
Waiting in the darkness
Things out there
With the bright red eyes
Things out there
Better watch where you're going
Because you never know when there are,
Know when there are, know when there are

Things out there
You know the sky is falling
Things out there
Better run for home
There's things out there
You can hear your mommy calling
You're never gonna know when there are,
When there are, when there are

Things out there
Things out there
Things out there


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